About J.F. Marion, LLC

The J.F. Marion “All in” Philosophy

photoPeople and organizations do not desire to be slow and mediocre.  Within them is an aspiration to be exceptional, so dominating in their space that there is no doubt they set the standard for operational excellence.  To do this requires an “All In” mindset.  This is the foundation for success.  “All In” means there is absolute clarity of mission and focus.  All energy is directed toward that common goal.  No wasted motion, no hidden agendas, no lack of desire.  “All In”.

“It’s not about leadership, it’s all about leadership”


The Person

John F. “Cub” Marion is founder and President of J.F. Marion, LLC.

For as far back as he can remember, he led.  From being a baseball catcher in his youth, to a crew lead in a summer job during high school, to a Marine Corps squadron pilot in Desert Storm, to a Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing.  He has always led.  Prior to creating J.F. Marion, LLC, Cub has served as:

  • Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing, Beechcraft
  • Vice President, Citation/Caravan Operations, Cessna Aircraft Company
  • Vice President, Quality, Cessna Aircraft Company
  • Vice President, Six Sigma, Cessna Aircraft Company
  • Leadership roles with General Electric and Champion International Paper Company
  • Captain, F/A-18 Hornet strike-fighter pilot, United States Marine Corps

Cub has a bachelor’s degree in history from William Paterson College and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He holds a commercial pilot’s license and Cessna Citation 525 and 500 series ratings.