The Transformation

What J.F. Marion Will Provide
Leadership Transformation

  • Leadership team alignment and standard work
  • Individual leadership coaching and development (ideal results are driven by ideal behaviors)
  • Sustainable gains

That results in…

Operational Transformation

  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Cost
The Objective
Together, leadership and operational transformation drive exponential improvement.  Incremental gains are not the intent.  The transformation is targeted to yield:

  • 20-50% quality improvements
  • 20-50% cost improvements
  • 50-100% delivery improvements

The Force Multiplier

Leadership Expectations
J.F. Marion partners with business leaders that meet the following criteria:

  • Aspire to improve their business
  • Recognize their leadership team is the engine for improvement
  • Willing to go “All In”
The Approach
  • Determine final result desired from client – J.F. Marion partnership
  • Interview client and their team to get detailed insight into the organization and culture
  • Diagnose current state (learn to see…know what is important)
  • Formulate customized solution and implementation plan
  • Implement, pulse, and refine
  • Achieve, self-sustain, and gain
The Tools
Leadership Transformation Tools:

  • The “All In” Team – An experience focused on Credo development, effective communication, and setting an “All In” environment.
  • Leadership Moments – 6 to 8 sessions focused on establishing a baseline for leadership behaviors.

Operational Transformation Tools:

Results Playbook – A set of proven processes and practices that the team deploys to achieve the desired results

  • Define Compass Bearing – the organization’s direction (vision, strategy, and/or mission)
  • Define the Absolute – the commitment that is done each day without compromise
  • Define and Deploy the Operational Execution Tool
    • Includes Compass Bearing, the Absolute, Business Objectives, Strategic Priorities, Action Plans (applying lean principles)
    • Define metrics (key performance indicators and forecasting)
    • Define Leadership Standard Work
    • Define pulsing routine
  • Define Immediate Action Process (escalation and risk mitigation)
  • Implement the Results Playbook – Pulse – Refine Actions
  • Achieve, Self-Sustain and Gain
Leadership Transformed

  • Winning leadership team, modeling ideal behaviors
  • Adaptable and decisive

Operation Transformed

  • Business objectives achieved
  • Sustainable value generation